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Doc Bailey's News and Notes

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1. How much does it cost? The large 8.8 0unce bottle that we offer will do your Jacket over 50 times, a bike seat or a pair of boots over 100 times with one bottle! It is only $24.99 per bottle plus shipping of $6.99 With a 100% use the bottle to the bottom Money back Guarantee. You can get an extra bottle for no addition shipping charge, It makes a great gift for a buddy. Would you like to order 2 or do you think one will be enough?
2. Where can I buy Doc Bailey's? Currently it is not available in many stores the best bet is to order directly from us. I'd be happy to take your order now.
3. What does it do? Doc Bailey's Leather Black Cleans, Conditions, Re-colors and Waterproofs all black leather and Vinyl. Doc Bailey's actually contains a black color fast dye pigment than won't bleed and makes your leather look like new.
4. WhatÂ’s in it? Doc Bailey's leather Black contains a mild detergent to gently clean the leather, Lanolin oil to condition and preserve your black leather and prevent cracking, A Black color fast dye to restore color and a special blend of waxes to lock that color in and make your leather look new. It contains No Silicone or alcohol or other harsh chemicals. Just natural ingredients to restore your leather to new.
5. Will the black dye come off or bleed? No we use a color fast dye that won't bleed. The only rule is about an hour after you apply go back with a rag and give it a buff to pick up any excess that you might have applied and to lock that color in. It can't all soak in, so as long as you buff it after it will not bleed or come off on your clothes.
6. Does it work on all leather? DBLeather Black works on all black smooth leather DBLB is excellent on all smooth black leather or Vinyl. Incredible on Jackets, boots, motorcycle seats, saddle bags, chaps and leather furniture or just about anything you want black
7. What do you have for colors other than black? We have another incredible product Called Leather Tonic that's designed for ALL other colors of leather. Red, Brown, Blue. What ever you have, It will clean, restore and protect all other colors of smooth finished leather. Would you like a bottle of Tonic as well?
8. What other products do you have? The three products that we are featuring tonight are our Leather Black, our Leather Tonic for all other colors and our Riding in the Rain for suede and buckskin. We have many other products that you can check out at our website. www.docbailey.com
9. Can I get a Catalog? Sorry we don't have a catalog, but if you like you can check our website for a complete listing of all our products. www.docbailey.com
10. How often do I use it? It depends on what. For your fine leathers like furniture or your jacket, only a couple of times per year. Some of your more abused items, like your boots and chaps you may want to touch it up every Couple of months. It just takes a second to do and your back to new.
11. Will the Tonic work on Black leather? Yes the Tonic works on all colors but for your Black riding leathers we recommend the Leather Black, It has heavier waxes to give better protection from the elements. The Tonic is more for your fine multi color leathers. Furniture and Exotic leathers, Snake skin, Ostrich, Gator etc.
12. What do you recommend for suede and buckskin? Our Riding in the Rain Formula is designed especially for fine leathers and suede and fine Leather that oils will darken. Spray on a breathable barrier protection that helps prevent staining and helps repel water. Keeping your suede clean and looking new.

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