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Doc Bailey's News and Notes

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I just finished using your DOC BAILEY's Leather Black. What an AWESOME product! I love it. In less than 2 hours, I cleaned all my leathers on my bike, my leather jacket, chaps, vest, boots and even cleaned my purse. I started looking around my house for other leather items! I had been dreading cleaning my leather items, because other products I have used were messy and time consuming. This product made me want to clean! I bought it when I was at the RENO STREET VIBRATIONS last month. The sales lady was great! Keep up the good work DOC, and I am a lifetime user now

Laura Bishop
Arroyo Grande, California

Used the leather black on a 36 year old Harley jacket that had gray cracks showing throughout.  The results were fantastic - single application and the jacket looks close to new other than the natural patina of the leather.
Would highly recommend your products - also thanks for the candy that accompained the leather black - it to was excellent.
Henry Schmidt
State unknown

I just thought I'd pass this info along 'cuz I was talking to a couple of guys the other day that weren't aware of what a really good job this stuff does.  I know it works because when Sherry and I rode back from Richmond,Va we rode for about 4 hours in a heavy downpour, and my feet didn't even get moist in my leather boots.I guess ya could call this an unpaid testimonial 'cuz I don't get paid for saying this.  But, when I see that something works, I like to pass it along. Hmmm, maybe I oughtta buy some stock in this outfit if I'm gonna run my mouth about it.  Maybe I oughtta get a part-time job, 'cuz as you can see, I got waaay too much time on my hands since retiring if I can go on & on about stuff like this.  Ain't much else to do though when it's cold and rainy out and the TV programs really suck.  Naaahh, I'm just kiddin'.............this still beats the crap outta workin'.

Stay Well & GOD Bless, 

Bob, Virginia
Hi Doc, I Used your Doc Baileys to protect the jacket. I figured I took all the factory protection off with that other harsh product.  The jacket looks almost new again.  I am very happy with the Doc Bailey's and I trusted it to protect the jacket and not to damage it any further. I think you can use this in a testimonial or a commercial . Any way I thought you would like to know how it turned out. 
 Thank you again because without your knowledge of leather I would never have wet it or scrubbed it.  I thought leather couldn't be wet or scrubbed. If I didn't open the pores the stuff would never have come off.
Gina and Joe Washington NJ
 My name is Bill Excell, and I ordered you leather black back on 5/15/08. It took a little over 2 weeks to get here but it was worth the wait. Your stuff is awsume it went on very easy, and covered great. I hope that it holds up as good as it went on , but I am sure it will. Not many people tell you a little goes a long way, but it only took small amounts to get the job done. I am sending a picture of my1996 Heritage to show the results I got.
 Thanks again   Bill Excell,
Sir: I just finished using your "Leather Black" on my 1994 vintage saddlebags and what a difference it made. First I cleaned the bags with saddle soap as this has never been done. Once cleaned I liberaly put on the "Laether Black", in some spots I put more and watched the leather soak it up. Then I let it sit over noght and buffed it out. What a shine. The bags look like new and feel even greater. Thanks for you great product and I will be doing more leather care in the next few monthe making up for all of the years of neglect. Thanks again for a wonderful product. If you send me some samples of your "Leather Black" I will pass them to the other Harley riders at work. Thanks again, MH.
Michael Hays, Sr.
Vacaville, CA
I attended the Toronto Bike Show in January and just recently got to try the sample envelope of "Doc Bailey's" leather black I found in one of my sample bags from the show...WOW!. I rubbed it on my 20 year old Honda gauntlet gloves that had turned quite brown from sun bleach and behold11 they were reborn...like new again. I'm so impressed!!
Perhaps you need a new sales agent???
John Gallant
Strathroy, Ontario.


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