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Doc Bailey's News and Notes

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Leather Tonic

Leather Tonic The Original Doc Bailey's Leather Tonic is a one step, total care product for leather and most vinyl. In one easy application specially formulated detergents open the pores and remove the dirt, allowing the lanolin oil that is in Doc Bailey's Leather Tonic to soak in, restoring softness and vitality. As a finishing touch, Doc Bailey's Leaves a thin layer of Montan wax giving your leather a beautiful high gloss finish that protects your leather and helps repel water.

Doc Bailey's dries in less than one minute leaving no sticky residue and is recommended for use on shoes, saddles and tack, leather upholstery and clothing, virtually all quality leather products.* The Original Doc Bailey's Leather Tonic was developed in Canada with extreme weather conditions in mind.
* The Less You Use The Better It Works!
* Contains NO Silicone!

  • Apply a small amount of Doc Bailey's to a clean, dry sponge and colour test in a discrete area. If leather darkens or colour changes, no not use. If you like the results, wipe evenly over area to be treated.
  • The detergents will clean the leather allowing the sponge to remove the dirt.
  • The Lanolin oils in Doc Bailey's will soak in to nourish and soften the leather. Then, as the oils soak in, a thin layer of Montan Wax is left on the surface to protect and help repel water.
  • Rinse sponge with water and leave to dry.

  • How often do you use Doc Bailey's?

    Everyday Shoes: Once a month, Leather Jackets, Exotic Skins, Furniture, Saddles: Twice a year. Spot cleaning can be done at any time lightly, with a very small amount of Doc Bailey's. This will give the leather a beautiful high gloss shine. No buffing necessary. Allow to dry for one minute before touching surface of leather.For a Natural Finish

    After treating area, go back over surface, (before it dries) with the clean side of the sponge, remove any excess tonic. This will give the leather a nice soft finish with no high gloss shine.

    Doc Bailey's is colour neutral and can therefore be used on all colour of leather. In the case of scuffing or fading of colour simply touch up with a matching felt tip pen and then apply Doc Bailey's Leather Tonic to lock in the colour.To Maintain Finish

    Do not use Doc Bailey's too often. With the thin Layer of Montan Wax protecting the leather the dirt doesn't get into the leather, it just sits on the surface. All you need to do is take a damp cloth, wash off the area and the shine should come back. If not, try buffing with a clean smooth cloth. If still not, then reapply the tonic.

    Never use Doc Bailey's on Suede or Nubuck In the case of natural finished leathers such as deer skin, always test first in a discrete area as Doc Bailey's may darken the colour. When in doubt always try a test patch. Leather Tonic

    Price: $ 24.99


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